Special Christmas stamps pay tribute to stained glass windows

14 October 2015

The art of making stained glass windows is detailed and intricate, with the resulting pieces adding character and charm to buildings and churches throughout New Zealand. For this year’s Christmas stamp issue, New Zealand Post looks at five beautiful stained glass windows found across New Zealand. Plus the issue includes a special translucent die-cut miniature sheet, designed to replicate a real stained glass window.

“We’re always looking at new ways to bring innovation to our stamp issues,” said Hannah Stancliffe-White, Visual Communications Specialist at New Zealand Post and creator of the Christmas 2015 issue, “I’m always looking to push the envelope with the issues I design and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to try something new while still bringing value and collectability to the stamps.”

The translucent miniature sheet contains the five gummed stamps from the issue and is printed on acetate. When applied to the miniature sheet first day cover, the product creates a full scene of a stained glass window, complete with pōkutukawa visible through the top of the window.

As well as five gummed stamps, a miniature sheet and a miniature sheet first day cover, this issue includes a gummed first day cover, three self-adhesive stamps and a self-adhesive first day cover. Convenient self-adhesive booklets and a self-adhesive dispenser are also available to simplify your Christmas sending. When you purchase the booklets of international stamps, you’ll pay for only nine stamps and receive 10.

The issue is available for purchase from 4 November 2015 at New Zealand PostShops. Pre-orders are being taken now through the Whanganui Collectables and Solutions Centre or online at nzpost.co.nz/Christmas2015

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Libby Greatbatch
Copywriting and Direct Marketing Specialist