Grow your own

Stamps with seeds is a first for New Zealand Post. It’s been a fun and innovative issue to create for you. But it hasn’t been without its hiccups. Due to most countries strict importing laws, seeds aren’t able to be sent overseas. Crossing another border is likely to see them intercepted and destroyed.

New Zealand customers, click on domestic. Overseas customers click on international.

If you are a domestic customer you will be able to purchase both the seeded and non-seeded stamps. This link click here will take you to the page with seeded products. If you wish to purchase the non-seeded products, please use the international link which will take you to the non-seeded products. If you are living outside of New Zealand you WILL NOT be able to purchase the seeded stamps. If you do buy the seeded products you will still be sent the non-seeded versions. Please click here to purchase the non-seeded products: click here.

Seeded stamps are unable to be sent overseas.