Taking care of your collection

Coins are very precious and need to be well looked after. Read on below to find out more!

Handling coins

Here are a few helpful tips for handling your collectable coins:

  • A coin should only ever be held by its outside edge because fingerprints can reduce the coin's value.
  • If you need to put a coin down outside its holder, place it on a clean, soft surface like a soft cloth or clean piece of blank paper for less valuable coins. Make sure you don't drag the coin across the surface.
  • If you are handling very valuable coins you could even wear surgical gloves to be extra safe! 
  • In general, you shouldn't try to clean your coins, as you can cause more damage. If the coin is just dirty, you can try soaking it in olive oil or soapy water for a few days. The coin should then be rinsed and left to air dry.

Storing and displaying coins

You should always store your coins in a dry place, and make sure they're not in direct sunlight. If it's a proof coin you should keep it in its capsule, and if you have a coin album you can place the capsule in that. 

New Zealand Post coins are packaged with care to make sure they are well protected. Proof coins are housed in a rigid plastic capsule to prevent oxidisation and presented in velvet lined display cases. Brilliant uncirculated coins are usually displayed in plastic blisters within illustrated sleeves.