Types of coins

There are lots of different types of coins to collect. Read on to find out all about them!

About coin collecting

Coins are a great way of learning lots of cool stuff about New Zealand – whether it’s through the story of a well-known New Zealander, an endangered animal, or a cultural treasure. Coins are also fantastic keepsakes for marking special occasions, like the year you were born or an important anniversary.

All New Zealand Post coins have a strong New Zealand theme. We have issued coins that commemorate New Zealand heroes such as Sir Edmund Hillary and coins that celebrate our special animals, like the kiwi! 

Types of coins

New Zealand Post issues both proof-quality coins and brilliant uncirculated (BU) coins. 

Proof quality:

Proof coins are the highest quality coin available. They are very detailed and are struck from precious metals like 24 carat gold and fine silver. 

Brilliant uncirculated (BU):

These are coins made from non-precious metals, produced with a completely shiny surface. Most BU coins issued by New Zealand Post are aluminium bronze or copper-nickel. 



Other coin products

As well as individual coins you can also collect Philatelic Numismatic covers (PNCs) and coin sets. 

A PNC is a joint stamp and coin issue with a first day cover linked by the same theme, like the Sir Edmund Hilary PNC.

Coin sets can either be currency sets like the Endangered Species sets or sets of coins linked by a theme, like the Rugby World Cup Champions set.