What stamps to collect

It would take a very long time to try and collect all the stamps that are produced, so it's easy to narrow down your collection to something you're interested in. For example, Wiremu likes to collect stamps about sports - especially rugby!

Collect a subject

Collecting one subject of stamps is called ‘thematic’ collecting. You might decide to collect stamps featuring birds, ships, trains, cities, flowers, sports, or anything you like! The stamps could be just from New Zealand, or from anywhere in the world. One good way to find the stamps you want is to swap with your friends. It’s part of the fun!

Collect a country

Why not try collecting stamps from just one country? How About New Zealand, or Niue? Did you know that New Zealand has issued more than 1000 stamps since the first one in 1855? It would be a big job to collect them all. You may like to start from 1967 when dollars and cents replaced pounds, shillings and pence in New Zealand.

Collect stamps that are already mounted and packaged

Stamps are sometimes mounted and packaged as Presentation Packs. Buying stamps like this is a great way to learn all about the subject of the stamps, as there's usually lots of cool information included in the pack, as well as a range of stamp products like miniature sheets and first day covers. Presentation packs can be brought from New Zealand PostShops, online and through the Collectables and Solutions Centre.