Road Safety

This special stamp issue was made in support of National Accident Free Day as part of a road safety campaign.

Issue information

Road Safety - 3d
The stamp depicts a map of New Zealand with a road, divided by a dotted white line, from Bluff to the North Cape.  On the left of the stamp a driver's hand firmly grasps a steering wheel.

Stamp Bulletin

This stamp issue first appeared in New Zealand Post Stamp Bulletin No. 30 on 26 February 1964.

Acknowledgments: Bulletin scanned and provided by John Biddlecombe of the New Zealand Society of Great Britain. Their web site offers further information useful to those interested in the stamps and postal history of New Zealand. Link:

Technical information

Date of issue: 1 May 1964
Designers: L C Mitchell, Wellington
Printers: Harrison and Sons, England
Stamp size: 41mm x 24.5mm
Sheet size: 120 stamps per sheet
Process: Photogravure
Perforation gauge: 14.75 x 14.25
Paper type: Guard Bridge, chalk surfaced, multiple NZ and star watermark