Kiwi Kitchen

In this retro-themed stamp issue, we celebrate the classic Kiwi dishes that New Zealanders know and love. From cheese rolls to cheerios, these staple dishes have been mandatory in Kiwi kitchens for generations.


Kiwi Kitchen Set of Stamps

Mint sheet of 18 gummed stamps.
Price: $14.40

Special Products

Kiwi Kitchen Stamp Sheet and Tea Towel

Mint sheet of 18 gummed stamps plus tea towel.
Price: $19.90

Kiwi Kitchen Tea Towel

As part of this quirky culinary issue, we’ve produced tea towels that are sure to be a talking point in any Kiwi kitchen, featuring imagery of the full stamp sheet. Full digital print tea towel, material:100% ​cotton, size:50cm x 70cm, 190 GSM
Price: $10.00