1916 Courage & Commitment

By 1916 the scale of the Great War had been truly realised. Few New Zealanders had been left unscathed by the Gallipoli campaign, with fathers, brothers, friends and neighbours lost. At home, volunteers for service had slowed to a trickle and the first Anzac Day was observed a year after the Gallipoli landings. As the battle moved to the Western Front, where it would remain until 1918, the courage and commitment of the servicemen were sorely tested.


1916 Courage & Commitment Sheetlet

Mint sheetlet of ten gummed stamps.
Price: $13.80

Se-tenant Sets

1916 Courage & Commitment Se-tenant Sets

Se-tenant set of six 80c gummed stamps.
Price: $4.80

Miniature Sheets

1916 Courage & Commitment Set of Miniature Sheets

One mint miniature sheet with six gummed stamps and one mint miniature sheet with four gummed stamps.
Price: $13.80

Miniature Sheet Booklets

1916 Courage & Commitment Commemorative Book

Within the pages of this commemorative book is the story of Solomon Isaacs, who left behind his life in New Zealand and his family in the Cook Islands to serve in the First World War in the 3rd Māori Reinforcements. Born in 1895 and raised in the village of Tautu on Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, Solomon signed up with the NZEF as a 19-year-old labourer living in Auckland. He served just shy of three years and returned to Auckland and eventually Tautu between 1920 and 1922. As well as imagery of and insights into New Zealand’s war effort in 1916, this special collectable book contains 12 unique miniature sheets (not available individually).
Price: $39.90

Stamp Sheets

1916 Courage & Commitment Sheet of Stamps

Sheet of 24 x 80c gummed stamps featuring all six 80c stamp designs.
Price: $19.20

Set Configurations

1916 Courage & Commitment Set Configurations

Set of Plate Blocks
Price: $40.80