Southern Lights

The Southern Lights or Aurora Australis is a spellbinding natural light show that produces shimmering sheets of colourful light that appear to dance across the sky. New Zealand is home to the world’s largest Dark Sky Reserve, offering premium conditions for star gazing.  


Southern Lights Set of Stamps

Mint set of six gummed stamps.
Price: $13.00

Miniature Sheets

Southern Lights Miniature Sheet

Mint gummed miniature sheet printed on special silver foil to replicate the shimmering effect of the Southern Lights.
Price: $13.00

Presentation Packs

Southern Lights Presentation Pack

This presentation pack contains stunning imagery to match its compelling story which has been written by Earth and Sky. Inside it you’ll find the six gummed stamps, the first day cover and the miniature sheet.
Price: $29.90

Single Stamps

Southern Lights Single Stamp

Single $1.00 gummed stamp.
Price: $1.00

Stamp Sheets

Southern Lights Sheet of Stamps

Sheet of 25 x $1.00 gummed stamps.
Price: $25.00

Set Configurations

Southern Lights Set Configurations

Set of Plate Blocks.
Price: $78.00