2018 NZ Cycle Trails

The global financial crisis in 2008 hit New Zealand hard, so much so that the government held an emergency jobs summit. Politicians and businesspeople were pulled together to come up with plans and schemes that would create jobs and boost the economy. One of the more successful ventures was a strategy to build cycle trails all around New Zealand. Not only would this produce jobs for then and in the future, it would also give Kiwis a great way to see all that New Zealand had to offer.


2018 NZ Cycle Trails Set of Stamps

Mint set of six gummed stamps.
Price: $12.20

Miniature Sheets

2018 NZ Cycle Trails Miniature Sheet

Mint gummed miniature sheet.
Price: $12.20

First Day Covers

2018 NZ Cycle Trails First Day Cover

First day cover with six gummed stamps affixed.
Price: $12.70

2018 NZ Cycle Trails Miniature Sheet First Day Cover

First day cover with gummed miniature sheet affixed.
Price: $12.70

Presentation Packs

2018 NZ Cycle Trails Presentation Pack

Discover some of New Zealand's most breathtaking landscapes that can only be experienced on the New Zealand Cycle Trail. Author and mountain bike extraordinaire Jonathan Kennett tells the story behind some of New Zealand's best. Pack contains a set of gummed stamps, a miniature sheet and first day cover.
Price: $29.90

Single Stamps

2018 NZ Cycle Trails Single Stamp

Single $1.00 'Alps 2 Ocean' gummed stamp.
Price: $1.00

Stamp Sheets

2018 NZ Cycle Trails Sheet of Stamps

Sheet of 25 x $1.00 'Alps 2 Ocean' gummed stamps.
Price: $25.00

Set Configurations

2018 NZ Cycle Trails Set Configurations

Set of gummed Plate Blocks.
Price: $73.20