Predator Free 2050

Predator Free 2050 is the ambitious goal to remove key mammalian predators from the New Zealand landscape. This effort involves central and local government, iwi, conservation trusts and philanthropists. Predator Free New Zealand Trust (PFNZ) is one of those organisations, working with community groups, schools, marae, neighbourhoods and businesses to ensure our precious native species can flourish for generations to come.


Predator Free 2050 Set of Stamps

Mint set of five gummed stamps.
Price: $11.40

Miniature Sheets

Predator Free 2050 Miniature Sheet

Mint gummed miniature sheet.
Price: $11.40

Presentation Packs

Predator Free 2050 Presentation Pack

The presentation pack includes a set of six gummed stamps, a first day cover and a miniature sheet. Find out about the predator free movement and the endangered species being brought back from the brink of extinction with words by Jessi Morgan of PFNZ, and beautiful illustrations by Wellington artist Stephen Fuller.
Price: $29.90

Single Stamps

Predator Free 2050 Single Stamp

Single $1.20 'Tuneful backyards' gummed stamp.
Price: $1.20

Stamp Sheets

Predator Free 2050 Sheet of Stamps

Sheet of 25 x $1.20 'Tuneful backyards' gummed stamps.
Price: $30.00

Set Configurations

Predator Free 2050 Set Configurations

Set of gummed Plate Blocks.
Price: $68.40

Limited Edition

Predator Free 2050 Limited Edition

This is the ultimate collector's item for this issue. Learn more about the predator free movement from businessman, environmentalist and science governor Sir Rob Fenwick. Sir Rob is co-founder and Chair of PFNZ, and also chairs The Kiwi Trust which runs Kiwis for kiwi, a charity working to save our iconic kiwi bird from extinction through targeted programs on private land. See the full set of Predator Free 2050 stamps in even more depth and detail with the limited edition. ** Expected ship date will be mid September.
Price: $135.00