2019 ANZAC: Dawn Service

The first Anzac Day was observed throughout New Zealand on 25 April 1916 — the inaugural anniversary of the landings at Gallipoli. The acts of New Zealand soldiers in their first major campaign of the First World War provided a source of pride, while the dead brought much sorrow. The Anzac Day Dawn Service is not only a meaningful ritual of remembrance; it brings us together like no other day.


2019 ANZAC: Dawn Service Set of Stamps

Mint set of six gummed stamps.
Price: $12.60

Miniature Sheets

2019 ANZAC: Dawn Service Miniature Sheet

Mint gummed miniature sheet.
Price: $12.60

Presentation Packs

2019 ANZAC: Dawn Service Presentation Pack

In this presentation pack, Dr Stephen Clarke analyses what Anzac Day means to all New Zealanders today through the lens of the annual Dawn Service. The pack includes a first day cover, miniature sheet and a set of six stamps.
Price: $29.90

Single Stamps

2019 ANZAC: Dawn Service Single Stamp

Single $1.20 'Auckland' gummed stamp.
Price: $1.20

Stamp Sheets

2019 ANZAC: Dawn Service Sheet of Stamps

Sheet of 25 x $1.20 'Auckland' gummed stamps.
Price: $30.00

Set Configurations

2019 ANZAC: Dawn Service Set Configurations

Set of gummed Plate Blocks.
Price: $75.60