Christmas 2019

Get in the holiday mood with these festive illustrated stamps. Featuring native New Zealand flora and fauna alongside the traditional Nativity story, the stamps include illustrations of fern fronds and koru, pōhutukawa, harakeke, tī kouka and karaka. A beautiful kereru, or New Zealand wood pigeon, makes an appearance on the miniature sheet and first day cover.


Christmas 2019 Set of Self-adhesive Stamps

Mint set of four self-adhesive stamps.
Price: $8.50

Christmas 2019 Set of Stamps

Mint set of five gummed stamps.
Price: $12.50

Se-tenant Sets

Christmas 2019 Se-tenant Sets

Se-tenant set of two $1.30 gummed stamps.
Price: $2.60

Miniature Sheets

Christmas 2019 Miniature Sheet

Mint gummed miniature sheet.
Price: $12.50

Single Stamps

Christmas 2019 Single Self-adhesive Stamp

Single $1.30 'Mary and Jesus' self-adhesive stamp.
Price: $1.30

Christmas 2019 Single Stamp

Single $2.60 'Shepherd' gummed stamp.
Price: $2.60

Stamp Sheets

Christmas 2019 Sheet of Stamps

Sheet of 25 x $1.30 gummed stamps featuring two $1.30 stamp designs.
Price: $32.50

Set Configurations

Christmas 2019 Set Configurations

Set of gummed Plate Blocks.
Price: $69.80

Self Adhesive Stamps

Christmas 2019 Self Adhesive $1.30 Stamp Dispenser

Dispenser box containing 100 x $1.30 self-adhesive stamps.
Price: $130.00

Christmas 2019 Self Adhesive Booklet

Booklet of 10 x $1.30 self-adhesive stamps.
Price: $13.00

Christmas 2019 Set of Self-adhesive Booklets

Set of $1.30 booklet (containing 10 stamps), $2.30 booklet (containing 10 stamps), and $3.30 booklet (containing 10 stamps).
Price: $66.10