Kupe - The Great Navigator

Throughout the Pacific region, Kupe is the navigator credited with bringing the knowledge and data back to the Pacific that enabled the eventual population of Aotearoa. This issue explores the adventurous legend of Kupe’s pursuit of a great octopus, and the ways of Polynesian navigators who used the sky and ocean to guide their journeys between the islands of the Pacific.


Kupe - The Great Navigator Set of Stamps

Mint set of eight gummed stamps.
Price: $10.40

Kupe - The Great Navigator Sheetlet

Mint sheetlet of eight gummed stamps.
Price: $10.40

Presentation Packs

Kupe - The Great Navigator Presentation Pack

Discover the full story of Kupe the legend and Kupe the navigator with this presentation pack. Learn more about Pacific wayfinders and the navigational expertise that has been passed down for generations throughout the region. This pack includes a set of eight stamps and a first day cover, with vivid illustrations and design by Dave Burke.
Price: $29.90

Stamp Sheets

Kupe - The Great Navigator Sheet of Stamps

Sheet of 24 x $1.30 gummed stamps.
Price: $31.20

Set Configurations

Kupe - The Great Navigator Set Configurations

Set of gummed Plate Blocks.
Price: $10.40