2019 Lighthouse Perspectives

Ever since the first voyagers arrived from Hawaiki, New Zealand’s rough coastline and changeable weather have proved both a risk and a challenge to those attempting to make land. Oral histories indicate that waka were wrecked as the first people discovered New Zealand’s shores. Over 1,500 shipwrecks were recorded in the 19th century alone, causing upwards of 2,000 deaths. The New Zealand government was eventually convinced to act, and lighthouses began to form a significant presence in Aoteoroa by the 1860s.


2019 Lighthouse Perspectives Set of Stamps

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2019 Lighthouse Perspectives Miniature Sheet

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Presentation Packs

2019 Lighthouse Perspectives Presentation Pack

The last lighthouse to be unmanned was Brothers Island lighthouse in 1990. Since then, all lighthouses have been automated and are monitored remotely. Some lighthouses have been retired from duty and replaced with more functional structures that are relatively unrecognisable next to their classic counterparts, while many now operate with electric light. A few decommissioned lighthouses are cared for by, the Department of Conservation, Heritage New Zealand and community trusts. Find out more about Aotearoa’s lighthouses with this presentation pack.
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2019 Lighthouse Perspectives Single Stamp

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2019 Lighthouse Perspectives Set Configurations

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