WWII 75 Years

World War Two spanned nearly six years, and during that time New Zealanders lived through immense hardship, suffering and change. Through these challenging years they connected, worked together, rallied as citizens and solved problems both abroad on the battlefields and on home soil. During the war advancements in medicine, trade and manufacturing occurred worldwide - changes that we still benefit from today.


WWII 75 Years Set of Stamps

Mint sheet of 15 gummed stamps.
Price: $19.50

Miniature Sheet Booklets

WWII 75 Years Miniature Sheet Booklet

Aided by historical photographs, this stamp issue reflects on the war years through 15 key themes and events. With this informative miniature sheet booklet, historian Steven Loveridge explores the ways in which the war affected New Zealanders, both overseas and at home. The booklet contains fifteen unique miniature sheets, each featuring two stamps.
Price: $39.90