Tokelau Christmas 2014

The Kilihimahi 2014 stamp issue reflects the true meaning of Christmas – the traditional nativity story. 

Issue information

Christmas is a special time in Tokelau with the day spent spending time with friends and family, enjoying meals and festivities together, as well as attending church services.

The three stamps in this delightful Christmas issue form a silhouette of the nativity scene – featuring the shepherds, Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the three wise men.

45c – The Shepherds

The shepherds were tending to their flocks when an angel appeared to them and shared the news of the birth of Jesus. The shepherds hurried to Bethlehem to visit the newborn son of God.

$2.00 – Jesus, Mary & Joseph

Upon arriving in Bethlehem to register for a census, there were no places in any local inns for Mary and Joseph to stay, so they were given shelter in a stable. Mary gave birth to Jesus in the stable and laid him in a manger.

$3.00 – Three Wise Men

The three wise men came from the east in search of Jesus under the guidance of a star. When they found Jesus and Mary in Bethlehem, they worshipped him and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Lovely Christmas collectables

Included in this issue are a miniature sheet and two first day covers containing each of the three gummed stamps. The word ‘Kilihimahi’ (meaning ‘Christmas’ in Tokelauan) appears on all three stamps, while the design of the miniature sheet and first day covers incorporates an angel motif.

Order your 2014 Kilihimahi collectables to add to your Tokelau stamp collection today.

Technical information

Date of issue: 10 December 2014
Number of stamps: Set of three gummed stamps
Denominations: 45c, $2.00 and $3.00 
Stamps and first day covers designed by:  New Zealand Post Limited, Wellington, New Zealand
Printer: Collectables and Solutions Centre, New Zealand Post, Whanganui, New Zealand.
Number of colours: Four process colours
Stamp size and format: 40mm x 30mm (vertical)
Paper type: Tullis Russell 104gsm red phosphor gummed stamp paper
Number of stamps per sheet: 16
Perforation gauge: 13.33
Period of sale: Unless stocks are exhausted earlier, these stamps will remain on sale until9 December 2015